Climate Changes – Rivers in Kurdistan,Iraq – Waterkeeper

As the population in the cities of Kurdistan-Iraq continues to increase the demand for freshwater obviously increase and this leads to water resources crisis. If the crises continue the quality of water becomes a critical factor, it limits future development and also affects basic health and hygiene. The effects of contaminants or pollutants on freshwater depend upon their chemical, physical and biological properties.

Unfortunately, the climate changes and its negative effects on many aspects of our life have never been a serious issue to discuss. But, there is always a group of people (minority) who pay attention to what other peoples (majority) ignore.
The Waterkeeper team of Nature Iraq through the use of film puppetry, masks and the applied drama tools, they engaged with the community in an attempt to highlight their relationship with the environment. The Quilisan and Tanjero rivers near the city of Slemani (Sulaymaniyah), Kurdistan, in northern Iraq—once large, vibrant and healthy rivers—are now nearly dead from pollution and degradation. To create awareness of the polluted rivers, the Waterkeeper team showed their film about the river spirit to hundreds of children and students in and around Slemani (Sulaymaniyah).

This Environmental Art project is part of the Iraq Upper Tigris Waterkeeper project. The primary problems of Iraq’s watershed are related to pollution and degradation to the rivers themselves and upstream water diversion projects. The Upper Tigris Waterkeeper is the voice to local communities about what is happening to their rivers,, advocating both for the rivers as well as the communities that depend upon them. It is planned that the Upper Tigris Waterkeeper Project will be affiliated with the International Waterkeeper Alliance (, which is made up of over 200 water, river, sound, marsh, canal keepers all across the globe.

This Program (an environmental program) created in January 2012 in Kurdistan, Iraq to raise awareness about the relationship with our rivers. The team behind the campaign created a film and designed an outreach program used as a tool to engage and entertain.

As you’ll watch the video, one of the kids who had interviewed said ” We have to save the environment because it’s our life so it needs to be clean.”  Another said ” Our rivers are being polluted from rubbish, factories, gravel mines and it’s our responsibility to keep it safe.”


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