“Emotionally RETARDED and Spiritually CONSTIPATED”

When we share our experiences, our journey and our stories, we not only become more connected but we create a class, a life class… Here are some of what I’ve learned during this year:

* Forgiveness is not something you do for “them”, it’s what you do for yourself. When you give up the blame, you can give more love to yourself and to others. Don’t be crazy! Don’t wait to hear the apology! The more you hold that negative energy, the less you can give love and receive..The more you hold that negative energy, you become “emotionally retarded and spiritually constipated”.

* Focus on those people who believe what you believe and ignore those who need what you have. Because people don’t stay close for a long time only for “what you do”, they stay close for “why you do it”.

* Every challenge we take on, has the power to knock us to our knees. And what’s even more shake us, is our fear that we won’t withstand it! When we feel our stability is shaking, we panic! And we allow the fear of what could happen to throw us off balance.
The only way to endure the situation is to adjust your stance, you can’t avoid the daily tremors. Having them mean you are alive! Use this gift, use this experience to step to the right or to the left to find a new center of gravity.

* Don’t wait for anything new to come into your life if you are not grateful for what you have. If your prayer is only “Thank you”, that will be enough.

* Truly successful, powerful people want other to be in power, truly successful people want to left you up because they want YOU to feel the light that they feel. And this is the really difference between a successful person and one who trying to be or want to be.

* What you focus on, expand! And whatever you attach “I am” to, you become. Try this:
I am a successful person.
I am a loser …

* When we love, we live, trust me it’s true every time. When we love where we are, when we love what we do, we live more fully, more completely and more presently. When we reach this point of fulfillment, we become able to influence others to understand the power they have to change their own life.

* You are not defined by what a particular individual thinks of you! You are defined by the way you treat yourself and others.

* In every relationship, you can decide to be treated as “the foundation” or as “the basement”.

* Every problem you face in your life, has a spiritual lesson behind. Get the lesson, life gets better. Don’t get it and the lesson gets harder.


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