working in a charity organization – part 1

 1:00 pm
An eight year old walked into the office holding her father’s hand. Her beautiful green eyes were full of sadness. The color of her face and her lips made us ask for her echo-cardiogram before even welcoming them to our office! And as we expected, her heart was in a bad condition. She was an urgent case.

As we asked our usual questions in order to register the child in KSC, the father complained about being tired of going to hospitals, buying medications, visiting doctors and spending money … he stayed still for a moment, then he literally said “I’m tired of her”! When the father finished his sentence, tears came down from her green eyes.

2:00 pm

I always do my best to guess who’s who! But it doesn’t work with me! I end up calling Ahmed, Shad and shad, Ahmed! And they always laugh at me out loud!

Shad and Ahmed (twin brothers) have been registered in KSC under the cleft lip and palate section. They bring joy when they enter the office. As always they were on time when they arrived. A big smile of there face and a bouquet of flowers in their hand! Their mother told us that the didn’t want to leave their house without bring us some flowers from their garden.

5:00 pm 

         Sitting on the couch in the living room thinking about…How many life we’ve touched today and how many life touched ours!
Working in a charity organization is not about “having a job”, it’s about tuning your inner music with the organization’s rhythm. The better the harmony gets, more satisfied you become.
Your goal in a charity organization, is not about making money or selling your products….in a charity organization, your product is service..making money means raising money! And how much pain you can relief and how many smile you count during your day is your monthly income!

cleft lip and palate, Kurdistan save the children KSC,

*KSC stands for Kurdistan Save the Children Organization. Charity number in UK 1027522


One thought on “working in a charity organization – part 1

  1. re: working in a charity organization part 1. So sad that the father is tired of dealing with her chronically ill child. I wonder how it would be if it were his son?

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